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  • Quality

    Our pre-cast stone fence is not just another concrete fence. The Pall's Walls are designed from start to finish with fine quality and workmanship. We custom build our molds to incorporate the finest of details in the textures and profile. Your textures and profiles will be identical on both sides of the fence with your choice of colour options.


    The Pall's Walls Patented Panel and Column Design with the rigid steel I-Beam located in the center of the column results in added strength, stability and safety with the ultimate reassurance against failure. The fence and column segments are reinforced with steel fiber engineered to withstand 150 mph winds and meet or exceed local building codes.

  • Economical

    The fence is constructed using the Pall's Walls Advanced Forming Technology which provides substantial cost savings when compared to traditional fences. This savings combined with the low maintenance and lifetime durability results in maximum value for your money.

  • Textures and Colouring

    Your fence system is available in various styles, textures and colouring. Our standard designs include stone and granite block textures. We have several different colouring techniques to acheive your distinctive appearance of choice. When you choose a Pall's Walls, a statement of quality and excellence is made for a lifetime of pride and enjoyment.

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